Polnox Corporation is a specialty chemical company focused on the design, development, and commercialization of innovative and advanced high-performance additives including antioxidants and additives.  We develop antioxidants to protect organic materials like lubricants and fuels (both petroleum and renewable bio-based products), plastics, and elastomers.  Moreover, our eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors are used in a wide range of materials and fluids such as lubricants and biolubricants, fuels, coatings, and paints (to name a few).

The formation of Polnox Corporation in 2004 has its origins in pioneering work on macromolecular antioxidants by Dr. Ashok Cholli and his research team from the Center of Advanced Materials at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, supported by the National Science Foundation. Subsequent research by Polnox resulted in the development of the DT-mPM design platform for antioxidants.  Today, Polnox is also involved in developing a new technology platform McIn, a class of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors.

Today, Polnox Corporation is developing and commercializing products based on its revolutionary DT-mPM antioxidant design platform.  In 2011, the company introduced its new Polnox® 7000 series high performance DT-mPM antioxidants for lubricants and fuels.  Additional products are under development with performance tailored to the unique needs of plastics, bio-lubricants, and bio-fuels.

Polnox is a recognized innovator in the development of industrial antioxidants.  The company has been honored with a Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award (Runner-Up) for its work to develop and commercialize new antioxidants.  More recently, Polnox received a Small Business Innovation Award from the National Science Foundation for the development of its next generation of antioxidants based on the DT-mPM design platform for the stabilization of bio-lubricants and bio-fuels.  It also received an award from the National Science Foundation for the development of eco-friendly McInTM Corrosion inhibitors to mitigate the toxicity that is associated with traditional corrosion inhibitors.